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Brands and Distilleries : Hibiki

Issue 150 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Hibiki 12 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
A combination of Japanese purity and intensity of aroma and the use of some plum-cask matured whisky gives a complex and multifaceted result - it's what blending should be.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Hibiki 17 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
8 An elegant and satisfying dram. Well educated, in good quality casks for sure.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Hibiki 17 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
4 Relaxed and laid back. This is excellent blending.

Hibiki 17 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
Seamless flow allowing flavours to slowly change - no edges, no joins.

World Whiskies Awards 2011 - Best Blended Whisky - Winner

Hibiki 21 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 Its wide aromatic palette is well displayed. Nothing is missing except a longer finish maybe. A second sip keeps the pleasure on.

World Whiskies Awards 2011 - World's Best Blended Whisky - Winner

Hibiki 21 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
8 Leaner, drier, less estery and more oaky than the version that has no age statement. I like each equally, in its own right.

World Whiskies Awards 2013 - World's Best Blended Whisky - Winner

Hibiki 21 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 Just a little too fat for me,though a little unfair to slip two blends among all of these malts!

World Whiskies Awards 2008 - World's Best Blended Whisky - Winner

Hibiki 30 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Hibiki 505 17 Years Old, Non chill filtered
Blended - Japan - 50.50%
8 Virile. Rich display of flavours. If I was to climb up the Fujiyama, I'd take a flask with me.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony
Blended Malt - Japan - 43.00%
8 Diverse aroma and flavour characteristics are intertwined in a manner typical of a fine Japanese whisky.

Hibiki Suntory
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 Very easily drinkable. Well matured, as the label suggests. Enjoyable. Appetising. Slightly drier with a splash of water, but not too much. Too good for a mizuwari.

The view from the top
More than 30 enthusiasts, including some distillery managers, made their way to the summit of Ben Rinnes recently. The group were there for the unveiling of a toposcope, or orientation plaque, which ...

June 2009, Issue 80, page 6

Operation BOTB
Marcin Miller explains the objective of the Best of the Best tasting and how the 47 whiskies were selected, categorised and scored.

June 2001, Issue 16, page 49

World's Best Blended Whisky
Suntory Hibiki 30 years old

April 2008, Issue 71, page 20

Bars of Titan
The wider the range, the harder to source

June 2015, Issue 128, page 45

Suntory time
Dave Broom talks plum liqueur, the boom years and Japan's drinking culture with the quiet genius behind some of country's best loved whiskies.

April 2009, Issue 79, page 24

Japanese Harmony
America tunes into Hibiki whisky

September 2015, Issue 130, page 43

Ice cold in Tokyo
With Japanese bar culture increasingly influencing many of Europe's leading mixologists, so there is no better time to discover some of the unique ways to enjoy the country's whisky too. Neil J. Ridle...

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Vintage Whisky Sellers
Where to buy that elusive whisky

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Hong Kong Reigns Supreme
A roundup of the year in the auction rooms

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Show time
LONDON Celebrating 10 years of tastings, tutorials and time spent exploring the world of whisky, London's premiere whisky tasting event, Whisky Live London threw its doors open recently to all those ...

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The Joy Of Six
DFS showcases rare whiskies at annual spirits event

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The Buddha of Bourbon
Michael Jackson has a vision, and learns why the Japanese sit on the floor to eat dinner

October 2003, Issue 34, page 11

A light shines down on Beam Suntory

December 2015, Issue 132, page 29

Mission Impossible?
How Japanese whisky and food pairings hit the spot

June 2015, Issue 128, page 13

Taking care of business (Colin Dunn - Morrison Bowmore)
Colin Dunn is business develoment executive at Morrison Bowmore. So what does he do? Richard Jones reports

October 2004, Issue 43, page 52

The Magnificent 7
Contributing Editor Neil Ridley looks back on some of the very best blended whiskies he has experienced

September 2015, Issue 130, page 29

Future dream drams
Having experienced rocketing sales in the last few years, we see what is happening to the Japanese distilling scene

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The World of Duty Free
A brand new outlet for Edinburgh airport

January 2016, Issue 133, page 78

Intrinsic Differences
Ryan Chetiyawardana mixes up some oriental delights

December 2012, Issue 108, page 40

Treasure Store
New Le Clos store enhances Dubai airport's fine spirits reputation.

April 2013, Issue 111, page 78

Way Out West
Alberta Distillers and Calgary cocktails

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Find Whisky Heaven on Earth
Joe bates heads to Schiphol to see what's on offer

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Straight to the Top
Glenfiddich stands fast

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Success as Seller's Fees Slashed
Commission free deal for sellers

March 2016, Issue 134, page 78

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The Art of Science
Dave Broom examines how Japan's distillers are taking their country's whiskies into the world.

January 1970, Issue 84, page 14

Crunch Time
Chasing the top dram

March 2015, Issue 126, page 82

Knowing the Classics
Ryan Chetiyawardana looks at Bourbon cocktails

February 2013, Issue 109, page 40

The Far East Promise
Asian airports raise the bar

October 2016, Issue 139, page 78

Fusing Flavours
William Curley is officially Britain's Best Chocolatier, having been given the prestigious accolade four years running by the Academy Of Chocolate, for his innovative approach to flavour. Neil Ridley...

June 2012, Issue 104, page 26

World Whiskies Awards
This year's competition saw more than 150 whiskies put through their paces during three rounds of tastings to win the coveted titles of “Best in the World”.

April 2009, Issue 79, page 15

Native Palates
While the blended whisky market remains relatively static in the UK, new and emerging markets around the globe have begun to highlight some interesting ways to enjoy blends. Neil Ridley reports.

September 2011, Issue 98, page 14

Stiring times in the Big Easy
Liza Weisstuch reports from this year's Tales of the Cocktails event

December 2010, Issue 92, page 46

Highballing in Japan
Japanese whisky demand outstrips supply

December 2015, Issue 132, page 23

World's best whiskies honoured
More than 150 whiskies, three rounds of judging and there can be only five...we reveal the winners

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Seoul Searching
Joshua gives us an introduciton to South Korea's bar scene

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Travel Retail Exclusives
A year in the life of the duty-free business

October 2016, Issue 139, page 50

Tokyo calling
New Hollywood blockbuster Lost In Translation gives whisky a status that it has rarely enjoyed in film before. Dominic Roskrow reports.

February 2004, Issue 37, page 22

In search of refreshment
WM's Japanese sister magazine, WM-J takes us out on the tiles in the ancient city of Kyoto

December 2010, Issue 92, page 30

In search of the world's best whiskies
This is the third time we have held the Best of the Best. But as Dominic Roskrow reports, this is the biggest and most ambitious attempt yet to find the world's best whiskies

March 2005, Issue 46, page 18

The Orient Expression
Where spirits rule and tastes asunder

December 2014, Issue 124, page 36

A special relationship
Michael Jackson takes a reflective look at Japan, Scotland and whisky

November 2001, Issue 19, page 24

Drinking in the Big Smoke
We look at some excellent whisky bars in the English capital, but also at what is happening elsewhere in the country, a distilling revolution is beginning to bear fruit

February 2012, Issue 101, page 44

Looking Back
As this is a monumental moment in the history of Whisky Magazine, it only felt right to take a look at some of the happenings, launches, openings, events and general development of whisky since 1998

April 2018, Issue 150, page 16

Bars Guide: London
Capital investment. Let Neil Ridley take you through the bars of London

June 2014, Issue 120, page 51

World Whiskies Awards 2012 Winners Announced
There is a certain joy following the various spirits through this competition and its format. The job of the judges gets progressively harder as the rounds progress and the competition for the winning...

April 2012, Issue 103, page 73

    Suntory (Osaka)
  • 2-1-40 Dojimahama. Kita-ku. Osaka. Japan. 530-8203
  • Tel : +81 6 6346 1309

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Hibiki Harmony
Master of Malt
Hibiki Harmony
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Hibiki Harmony 3cl Sample
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