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Johnnie Walker Red Label Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker
Red Label
Scotch Whisky ~ Blended
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Michael Jackson

Very aromatic, indeed. Sexily earthy. Peaty, junipery, fruity.
Robust malt and grain. Very lively. Scenty spiciness. Gingery. Comes on hot and strong.
Island smokiness and saltiness emerging: lingering and insistent.
Full of youthful daring, but with enough stamina to last all night (this means that you and your buddy will probably drink the whole bottle).

Paul Pacult

Feathery wisps of dry grain emerge after a few moments of air contact. Beyond that are coy notes of holiday spice and dark caramel. Washes out after only three minutes.
Runs the risk of being too sugary-sweet at palate entry as the brown sugar taste and medium-bodied texture coat the tongue like a wool blanket. The mid-palate is better behaved, offering subtler tastes of toasted walnut, pine-nut, and ripe red fruit.
The aftertaste is very extended, a tad fiery, and exhibits a quick flash of brine/peat.
I liked this blend more than the last time I sampled it blind several years ago.
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