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Johnnie Walker Black Label Tasting notes and reviews

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Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker
Black Label
Scotch Whisky ~ Blended
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Michael Jackson

Rich. Maple syrup, spices and mustard. Can a whisky have a hint of acidity on the nose? Yes, but rather the acidity of a Lenny Bruce rather than of vinegar.
Marijuana. Big interplay of smoky dryness, spicy heat and sweetly malty, creamy vanilla.
Rounded with raisiny sherry. At length, mellow.
Is Black Label a great whisky? Was Dizzy Gillespie a great musician?

Paul Pacult

The salty thumbprint of Talisker is identifiable from the moment of pouring. Mature, moderately oaked and oily in a nutty manner. A lovely and textured bouquet.
Medium-to-full bodied. Leaps far past the Red Label in terms of grip on the tongue as grainy flavours start out dry at entry, then go pedal-to-the-metal at mid-palate with tangy, vivid tastes of peat, tobacco leaf, malt, and ripe apple.
The malt becomes sweet and zesty in the aftertaste.
A blend that I like more every time I evaluate it.
Whisky Magazine Issue 9

Whisky Magazine Issue 9
Best selling blends - Irish Special - White Horse - Wild Turkey.

Published April 2000.

Whisky Magazine Editors Choice

Whisky Magazine

Editors Choice

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