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Brands and Distilleries : Longrow

Issue 153 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 A belter. Highest recommendation

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Longrow 10 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 A beautifully composed whisky. Classic intense, Scottish flavours.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Longrow 10 Years Old, Sherrywood
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 Many blenders feel that second-fill sherry casks give a more balanced result than first-fill. This whisky is a lesson in that technique.

Longrow 14 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 Far more interesting than the 10 Years Old versions. It has the freshness and vibrancy of a crisp cold and rainy morning.

Longrow Gaja Barolo
Single Malt - Scotland - 55.80%
7 Longrow's bold character manages to boss the wine cask resulting in a fascinating combination.

Cadenhead's Longrow 1996, 10 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 59.40%

Byrne's right
The Byrne family has been selling whisky for generations. Richard Jones looks at the Lancashire-based business

July 2005, Issue 49, page 52

?Something a little different
?Experimental casks and unconventional cocktails

September 2013, Issue 114, page 62

The last show in town (Springbank)
Campbeltown was once a thriving centre for whisky production. Now little remains. Is Springbank worth the journey? Our mystery visitor made the lengthy trek to find out

October 2003, Issue 34, page 24

Rags to whiskies
For the first time in 60 years a local man is at the helm of Springbank, Gavin D. Smith meets him

October 2010, Issue 91, page 26

Southern sinners
Lithuanian mead put Michael Jackson on the malt laden road. Here he talks about some friends he met along the way

February 2000, Issue 8, page 7

Western Losses
Campbeltown once boasted scores of distilleries. Now most are gone. Gavin D. Smith tells their story

January 2011, Issue 93, page 34

Big Sight Tokyo
One of Whisky Live's most impressive members of the family hit new heights this year and Rob Allanson was there to soak up the atmosphere.

April 2008, Issue 71, page 10

Showing your age
The Bramble team show how marrying and ageing can be used to produce superior cocktails

April 2018, Issue 150, page 62

Life beyond Lagavulin
Michael Jackson refutes the belief that new devotees of whisky want blandness in thei drams

January 1999, Issue 1, page 7

The crest of a wave
Past rumours of Springbank's demise were greatly exaggerated. Dominic Roskrow finds a distillery in fine fettle

December 2010, Issue 92, page 22

A region once again (Campbeltown)
Robin Laing packs his bags and heads out to Campbeltown to find whisky production is thriving again

April 2007, Issue 63, page 54

For your pleasure
Jonny McCormick encourages you to delve into your private collection.

September 2010, Issue 90, page 74

Asia Loves Macallan
Jonny McComick reflects on three very different whisky sales

July 2011, Issue 97, page 82

Coming of age (Campbeltown)
Three years in the making but now the latest spirit from Campbeltown is ready to make its debut

June 2007, Issue 64, page 54

Mixing the grain with the grape
Ian Wisniewski looks at wine finishes

October 2005, Issue 51, page 64

The times they are a-changin' (Springbank)
Campbeltown was the one-time whisky capital that experienced a catastrophic boom and bust. Dave Broom explains how Springbank, by sharing the same mentality and philosophy as Bob Dylan, are well posi...

November 2001, Issue 19, page 34

A great loss
Gavin D Smith charts the rise and fall of one of the largest distilleries in the Whisky City.

October 2009, Issue 83, page 32

Whisky Week
Whisky Week tours Scotland Inspired by Homecoming Scotland's aim to attract as many folk from around the world as possible, Whisky Week was born to provide the very best tastings and dinners in the he...

October 2009, Issue 83, page 8

Rising stars
The search starts again to find the cream of the crop in the whisky world. In the first round of voting our focus turns to Scotland.

September 2009, Issue 82, page 6

Let the smoke open
Our man behind the stick takes a trip to out west

October 2013, Issue 115, page 62

A potted history
Justifiably famous for its range of Irish whiskies, the Pot Still in Gloucester is also a haven for lovers of single malts, unusual spirits, liqueurs and bottled beers. Richard Jones reports

June 2006, Issue 56, page 33

A world all of its own
Whisky Live Tokyo has just taken place.Dave Broom tries to make sense of it all

March 2006, Issue 54, page 12

The 21st Century's 100 Greatest Bottles
Jonny McCormick looks at the top 100 single malt whisky bottles auctioned this century

December 2011, Issue 100, page 24

Big in Japan
Whisky Live Japan goes from strength to strength and is getting weirder as it does so. Marcin Miller mixes it with Tokyo's finest

March 2003, Issue 29, page 20

The best Scotch malts in the world
Compiling a top 90 best Scottish malts list is as ambitious a project as this magazine has ever undertook. Dominic Roskrowdescribes how it was done

May 2004, Issue 39, page 22

Welcome Onboard
The West Coast Whisky Pass with CalMac

March 2016, Issue 134, page 42

The end of a long drive
Despite the distance, a trip to west coast can be very rewarding

October 2013, Issue 115, page 48

They Think It's All Over... It Is Now
The Battle of the Blends, the final salvo

September 2015, Issue 130, page 38

Cream of Campbeltown
Martine Nouet savours Campeltown's whiskies before creating a menu that reflects that lush pastures, beautiful landscape and gentle light of Kintyre.

April 2001, Issue 15, page 60

That's the spirit
In the second of two articles on stills,Ian Wisniewskilooks at the critical role of the spirit still during the second distillation

July 2008, Issue 73, page 29

The buck stops here
Ian Wisniewski looks at the challenging role of distillery managers

January 2007, Issue 61, page 56

Campbeltown Vs Lowlands
The Battle of the Blends round four

June 2015, Issue 128, page 40

Coast to coast
You don't tend to think of Glasgow and Edinburgh when it comes to whisky. But if you dig about a bit and travel over to Campbeltown to the west there is plenty to enjoy

June 2007, Issue 64, page 36

That's Entertainment
We discover some new places to drink in this fashionable area of Tokyo

April 2011, Issue 95, page 46

Live and kicking
Marcin Miller evaluates the inaugural Whisky Magazine Live and comes to the conclusion that if you missed it, you missed out

July 2001, Issue 17, page 28

Are regional labels a dodgy area?
How important is regionalism to the character of whisky, and can broad generalisations be made? Ian Wisniewski considers

November 2004, Issue 44, page 56

Working on the malt line
What are the advantages of commercial maltsters, and why do some distilleries still have their own floor maltings? Ian Wisniewski reports

May 2004, Issue 39, page 57

The gentle art of blending
Blended whiskies are too often dismissed as the poor relation of single malts, but as Dr Jim Swan reveals, their creation is extraordinarily complex.

April 2000, Issue 9, page 22

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Ginza a go-go
Dave Broom takes us on a walking tour through one of Tokyo's popular drinking districts.

January 1970, Issue 84, page 36

An old con
Dave Broom exposes the shady side of the antique, collectable whisky market

January 2003, Issue 28, page 16

World Whiskies Awards
This year's competition saw more than 150 whiskies put through their paces during three rounds of tastings to win the coveted titles of “Best in the World”.

April 2009, Issue 79, page 15

Chart Position


Bottle Price


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Longrow 10 Years Old 10
Lions Whisky
Longrow 10 Years Old 100°proof 10
Lions Whisky
Longrow 10 Years Old 1991 Sherrywood 10 1991
Lions Whisky
Longrow 14 Years Old 14
Lions Whisky
Longrow 18 Year Old
Master of Malt
Longrow 18yo 18
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1973 Bot.1980s Campbeltown Scotch Whisky
The Whisky Exchange
Longrow 1973 Bot.1980s Campbeltown Scotch Whisky
The Whisky Exchange
Longrow 1973 First Distillation Last Cask 1973
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1973 Moon Import The Birds 1973
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1973 Samaroli 1973
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1973 Small Age Statement Sutti Import 1973
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1973 Sutti Import 1973
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1974 16 Year Old
Longrow 1974 25yo 25 1974
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1987 Cask 125 Samaroli 1987
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1987 Samaroli 1987
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1990 9 Year Old Cask #mm206 Campbeltown Whisky
The Whisky Exchange
Longrow 1991 10 Years Old 10 1991
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1992 10 Years Old 10 1992
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1993 10 Years Old 10 1993
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1994 10 Years Old 10 1994
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1995 10 Years Old 10 1995
Lions Whisky
Longrow 1996 10 Years Old 10 1996
Lions Whisky
Longrow Gajawood 7yo 2000 B 2008 7 2000
Lions Whisky
Longrow Peated
Master of Malt
Longrow Peated 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Longrow Sherry Wood 13 Yo 1989 B 2002 13 1989
Lions Whisky
Longrow Single Cask 6yo 2000 B 2007 6 2000
Lions Whisky
Longrow Smws 9yo First Release Dist.114 9
Lions Whisky
Longrow Springbank 10 Year Old 1987 Signatory
The Whisky Barrel
Longrow Springbank 14 Year Old
The Whisky Barrel
Longrow Springbank 18 Year Old 2018
The Whisky Barrel
Longrow Springbank 9 Year Old 2007 Society 2017
The Whisky Barrel
Longrow Tokaji Wood 10 Years Old 1995 B 2005 10 1995
Lions Whisky

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