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Brands and Distilleries : Mackmyra

Issue 128 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 128

Crown Royal, Netherlands, Laphroaig, Photo Challenge 2015



Mackmyra Brukswhisky
Single Malt - Sweden - 41.40%
7 This is Mackmyra's delicacy stretched to the max.

Mackmyra Midvinter
Single Malt - Sweden - 46.10%
8 An all-round lovely malt. An Irish rye whiskey perhaps?

Mackmyra Moment Bärnsten
Single Malt - Sweden - 49.80%
8 Entertaining but it just lacks some sweetness to balance the alcohol and rye.

Mackmyra Moment Mareld
Single Malt - Sweden - 52.20%
8 ? Intriguing and well worth giving this some serious attention.

Mackmyra Moment Morgondagg
Single Malt - Sweden - 51.10%
4 ?Hard to pin this one down. One moment, it's all Kentucky's finest. Next it wants to head to Jerez. I'm intrigued…

Mackmyra Moment Rimfrost
Single Malt - Sweden - 53.20%
7 Delicate but charming with good intensity. It's often unfair to put this very carefully thought out character in a line-up with bolder flavours, but with patience you begin to understand. This isn't S...

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Mackmyra Moment Solsken
Single Malt - Sweden - 52.60%
8 Now, that's excellent whisky – power, elegance and complexity.

Mackmyra Preludium 01
Single Malt - Sweden - 55.60%
7 Lowland-like, extremely pretty and characterful. Good by any standard, excellent given its youth. Welcome to the gang Mackmyra!

Mackmyra Preludium 02
Single Malt - Sweden - 54.20%
7 Another nipper. That tropical fruit will develop over time as everything settles down. Like Ballechin, this is one to watch.

Mackmyra Preludium 03
Single Malt - Sweden - 52.20%
5 A theme emerges...

Mackmyra Preludium 04
Single Malt - Sweden - 53.30%
6 If you want to build a new distillery you have to be willing to take the financial hit of waiting until the whisky is ready.

Mackmyra Preludium 05
Single Malt - Sweden - 48.40%
6 We're moving in the right direction here.

Mackmyra Preludium 06
- Sweden - 50.50%
7 Seems slightly forced.Just not knitted.

Mackmyra Reserve Swedish Oak Finish
Single Malt - Sweden - 58.50%
7 Another let-down. Lacking in coherence.

Mackmyra Single Cask Swedish Oak Finish
Single Malt - Sweden - 56.50%
7 It's not hard, it's not chemically, it doesn't have a bitter edge, or taste of glue, it is actually good!

Mackmyra Special 02 - The Anniversary Edition
Single Malt - Sweden - 50.00%
8 Perfectly pleasant.

Mackmyra Special 04 Double Dip Bourbon
Bourbon - Sweden - 53.00%
7 Delicate but with real personality.

Mackmyra Special 10
Single Malt - Sweden - 51.10%
7 ?Not unpleasant, but not without fault either. An enigma this one.

Mackmyra Special: 03
Single Malt - Sweden - 48.25%
7 A pleasant dram,with an interesting malty chore.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Mackmyra Special:01 Eminent Sherry
Single Malt - Sweden - 51.60%
8 A lovely dram. Delicate on the nose, quite brisk on the palate. But with a good substance. Invigorating.

Mackmyra Special:05 Happy Hunting
Single Malt - Sweden - 47.20%
7 It is of its style, which is one in its restraint and coolness is becoming increasingly potent. For me this just needs a little energy to lift it into excellence.

Mackmyra Special:07 Hope
Single Malt - Sweden - 45.80%
8 This shows how well Mackmyra has developed. No need to hope, the point has been proved.

Mackmyra Svensk Rok
Single Malt - Sweden - 48.10%
7 ?Absolutely filthy (in a good way), this - like doing a bog swim without a snorkel.

Mackmyra The 1st Edition
Single Malt - Sweden - 46.10%
7 Mackmyra comes of age and it's good.

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Mackmyra Bruks Whisky
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Mackmyra Brukswhisky Swedish
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Mackmyra Brukswhisky The Swedish Whisky
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Mackmyra Brukswhisky The Swedish Whisky
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Mackmyra Brukswhisky The Swedish Whisky 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Mackmyra First Edition
Master of Malt
Mackmyra First Edition 3cl Sample
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Mackmyra Moment Morgondagg Morning Dew
Master of Malt
Mackmyra Moment Morgondagg Morning Dew 3cl Sample
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Mackmyra Preludium 01
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Mackmyra Preludium 02
Lions Whisky
Mackmyra Preludium 03
The Whisky Barrel
Mackmyra Preludium 06 Swedish
The Whisky Exchange
Mackmyra Preludium 3 Cask 1238 52.2%
Lions Whisky
Mackmyra Preludium 4 Cask 15792 53.3%
Lions Whisky
Mackmyra Preludium 6 Cask 14350 50.5%
Lions Whisky
Mackmyra Special 06 Summer Meadow
Abbey Whisky
Mackmyra Special 08 Handpicked
Abbey Whisky
Mackmyra Special 7 Hope 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Mackmyra The First Edition Swedish
The Whisky Exchange

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