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Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 149

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Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester
Birthday Bourbon
American Whiskey ~ Bourbon

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United Kingdom
Old Forester £35.33
Old Forester Statesman £49.95
Old Forester Statesman £45.25
Old Forester Bourbon £35.45
Old Forester Bourbon 3cl Sample £5.92

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Chris Goodrum

Pungent edgy citrus laced oak with hints of mandarin and orange followed by thick corn and light gingery spiced rye. The oak becomes monumentally thick but citrus keeps it fresh. Very impressive.
Slightly smoky with big, chunky oak. The citrus and alcohol balance and hints of corn, earth and spicy rye follow. The rye becomes herbal and the intensity is once again impressive.
Long and very spicy as the rye, blows through the oak and corn. Very earthy and lightly oiled after-taste.
This is seriously intense and seriously impressive!

Sara Smith

Revitalising – sweet, spiced caramel, roasted banana and menthol top notes. After a while, more of a rich, chocolate note appears.
Sweet caramel and vanilla, with banoffee, treacle, and a hint of black cherry afterwards. Smooth, but definite spice notes – cinnamon and nutmeg.
Finish: Long and bittersweet, with the smooth caramel from the palate drawing out to a lighter flavour of vanilla, custard, and a slight, herbal bitterness.
Perfect to sip neat after a meal, with its combination of a revitalising nose and array of sweet flavours.
Whisky Magazine Issue 126

Whisky Magazine Issue 126
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Published March 2015.

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