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Brands and Distilleries : Royal Lochnagar

Issue 153 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Royal Lochnagar

Royal Lochnagar 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Complex, beautifully rounded and soothing.

Royal Lochnagar 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
Fresh and appealing.

Royal Lochnagar Distillers Edition 1996 Muscat
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
Lochnagar can cope with sherry but for me this is just too sweet.

Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve
Single Malt - Scotland - 43.00%
7 Too firm and well proportioned to be deemed voluptuous – but it's a delightfully close call.

Provenance Lochnagar 1994
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 That guy hides a tender heart under a reserved manner. Give it time and a dash of fresh water. Definitely an outdoor dram.

So close... Yet so far
A visit to Royal Lochnagar; not that far from Balmoral

July 2015, Issue 129, page 3

Ask the expert
I am a representative from a liquor board in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a customer who owns a bottle of Haig Dimple which he believes dates back to the early part of the 20th century.The owner is gett...

April 2008, Issue 71, page 37

Online whisky record
Johnnie Walker 1805 bottle reaches £17,000

April 2014, Issue 119, page 80

Blending the blues
The last time I tried falling off a log I nearly broke my ankle. It looks easy enough, the principle isn't hard to understand but doing it gracefully is another matter. And doing it day after day is e...

April 2008, Issue 71, page 56

A royal threesome
It's one of the easier whisky trivia questions. Which three Scottish distilleries are allowed to append the word 'royal' to their titles, asks Gavin Smith.

November 2000, Issue 12, page 42

On her Majesty's service (Royal Lochnagar)
Royal Lochnagar is an iconic distillery that ticks all the whisky lovers' boxes. Ian Buxton visited it

August 2006, Issue 58, page 32

Whisky... it's not just for breakfast
In the matter of marketing, Michael Jackson proposes that Scotland take a lesson from Florida

June 1999, Issue 4, page 7

By Royal Warrant
In our modern world of television, internet and persuasive advertising products appear, are accepted, flourish or even disappear merely to be replaced by a similar product. However this was not alway ...

November 2000, Issue 12, page 24

Concept retail
Joe Bates finds out how Delhi T3 putting Indian aviation on the map

October 2010, Issue 91, page 36

Welcome to Whisky Magazine
We are always going on about the fact that education is the key to gaining the consumer's mind, but sometimes I wish there was a standard script out there and people stuck to it. Often I feel that th...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 5

Under the Hammer
Now you can find both of John Rose's superb articles about collecting whisky in one place. In collections he looks at some price guides for bottles at auction. In questions he fields your enquiries ab...

February 2012, Issue 101, page 72

Join the debate
email the team

July 2009, Issue 81, page 74

Into the melting pot
The mash tun is a vital vessel,accommodating the conversion of starch within the grist into sugars,using a sequence of three,or even four waters at a progressively higher temperatures. But rather than...

December 2007, Issue 68, page 26

Exploring the Highlands
In the latest in our series on places to visit we look at some of the lesser known distilleries in Eastern Scotland.

July 2009, Issue 81, page 38

Where the Land Meets the Sea
The Arbikie Highland Estate

March 2016, Issue 134, page 39

The one that got away
Ian R Mitchell tells some tales of the Donside illicit whiskymakers.

July 2007, Issue 65, page 58

Harris quality
Mark Harris is an important name in the restaurant world, and he's using that as a platform to promote whisky, too. Dominic Roskrow reports

October 2010, Issue 91, page 35

It's a New Year
Cranking up is proving difficult

January 2016, Issue 133, page 3

A special corner (South and East Highlands)
The region known as The Highlands covers a huge and disparate area. So in this area we focus just on the South and East part of the region

July 2007, Issue 65, page 36

Charles Monarch of the dram (Prince of Wales)
Jane Slade traces the Prince of Wales' legendary love of Scotch

November 2000, Issue 12, page 16

Dutch whisky delights
Tell Wullie Macmorland that whisky doesn't go with food and he'll laugh at you. He'd know;he's been serving the two together in the Netherlands for nearly 20 years. Our man finds out more

November 2007, Issue 67, page 60

Match Makers
Throughout 2007 Diageo has been matching its whiskies with food from countries including Spain and India. For the final event of the year the destination was Milan.

January 2008, Issue 69, page 52

Waste not, want not (Bob Pass - Diageo)
In the latest in his series Richard Jones talks to Bob Pass marketing and technical manager, animal feeds for Diageo

January 2005, Issue 45, page 55

Grown-up & glamorous
Retro luxury pervades the whisky bars of San Francisco as Larry Walker found out when he did a little relaxing West Coast style

February 2000, Issue 8, page 20

Crunch Time
Chasing the top dram

March 2015, Issue 126, page 82

Soup up your starter
Martine Nouet provides us with some warnimg soup recipes and shows us how to liven them up with a drop of whisky to make an ideal starter to any meal

December 2003, Issue 36, page 36

Independently minded
What are the best independent bottlings out there? Our tasters tried more than 160 of them to find out. Here are the results…

November 2007, Issue 67, page 21

A tasteful way to understand whisky
Pip Hills explains how his Scotch Whisky Directory can help you improve your tasting skills

November 2005, Issue 52, page 36

Jazzin' with the dram
London's first malt and cigar bar is now the capital's finest Scottish restaurant with a huge selection of whiskies. Jane Slade went to investigate

February 2000, Issue 8, page 46

The 40 degree proof is in the pudding
A freelance writer devoted to whisky, Martine Nouet is also a keen advocate of malt whisky dinners. She runs 'cooking with malt whisky' classes in Paris and wants to promote the blending of whisky wit...

November 2000, Issue 12, page 66

Telling It Straight
The evolution of single malt Scotch advertising

June 2017, Issue 143, page 46

Icons of Whisky America Results
Celebrating the finest people and places in the whisky industry

October 2014, Issue 123, page 16

Blackadder goes forth
Tom Bruce-Gardyne talks to Robin Tcek, proprietor of the independent bottler blackadder, and finds out why he dislikes filtering, industry attitudes and armchairs

April 2001, Issue 15, page 52

Serving up simplicity
With their first book enjoying great success in whisky circles,Kate Portman meets the team behind The Whisky Kitchen.

October 2008, Issue 75, page 56

A midsummer night's dreeam
Martine Nouet finds whiskies that lend themselves to teh warm, care free days of summer and creates a refreshing menu to accompany them

June 2001, Issue 16, page 36

Right foot forward
The original John Walker supplied tea and biscuits, wine and whisky to the sober bughers of Kilmarnock; his descendant Sir Alec Walker built a bath big enough for Churchill. Charles Maclean looks at a...

March 1999, Issue 2, page 22

The best Scotch malts in the world
Compiling a top 90 best Scottish malts list is as ambitious a project as this magazine has ever undertook. Dominic Roskrowdescribes how it was done

May 2004, Issue 39, page 22

Worth a visit?
It's hard to believe that just a few years ago public access to a distillery was rare. Now many offer tours or tastings and they're becoming increasingly sophisticated. Dominic Roskrow reports

April 2005, Issue 47, page 20

Collecting dust
Certain whiskies, distillery names and expressions are highly desirable to collectors – Gavin Smith tries to find out why: what makes collectables collectable?

May 2002, Issue 22, page 58

Small but perfectly formed (Oban)
Oban is a wonderful but compact distillery in a picturesque port town. Ian Buxton visited it

November 2005, Issue 52, page 24

H.P. Source
Autumn brings an abundance of Highland Park reports Jonny McCormick.

December 2011, Issue 100, page 98

A Highland affair
Caroline Dewar takes a stroll through whisky's heartland

July 2006, Issue 57, page 37

The Southern Highlands
Gavin D. Smith embarks on a whisky trail through Perth and its environs

September 2015, Issue 130, page 14

That perfect moment...
To celebrate our 50th issue we asked a selection of people for their best whisky drinking occasion. Here are the best 50 of them

September 2005, Issue 50, page 26

100 Greatest Distilleries to Visit
Our team of writers around the world give you the distilleries you should visit.

December 2011, Issue 100, page 30

Making the grade
In a Whisky Magazine exclusive we go behind the scenes of this ambitious project.

October 2009, Issue 83, page 18

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Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old
Master of Malt
Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old
Whisky Shop Dufftown
Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old
The Whisky Barrel
Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old 150th Anniversary
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old 1980s
Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old 70cl
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar 16 Year Old 1997 Cask 10021 Old Particular Dougla 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Royal Lochnagar 18 Year Old 1996 Small Batch Wm Cadenhead 3cl Samp 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Royal Lochnagar 1952 29 Years Old Cc Brown Label Violi 29 1952
Lions Whisky
Royal Lochnagar 1952 30 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice
Royal Lochnagar 1969 14 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar 1996 Double Matured 1996
Lions Whisky
Royal Lochnagar 2000 Distillers Edition
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar 2000 Distillers Edition Sample
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar 5 Years Old 5
Lions Whisky
Royal Lochnagar Distillery Exclusive Bottling
The Whisky Barrel
Royal Lochnagar Select Reserve
Master of Malt
Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve
The Whisky Exchange
Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve
Lions Whisky
Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve Bottled 2012 3cl Sample
Master of Malt

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