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Smokehead Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Dave Broom

Bang! Kipper paté with lemon served on an oatcake. Medicinal notes (Germoline) then: fish stock, cow shed, smoked meat. Seems young.
Instant dry smoke (suggesting youth) but calms down a little and mellows in the centre.
Crowdie cheese rolled in oats, hotsmoked salmon.
Not subtle, but is it meant to be? Just needs a little sweet oak to round the edges off, but why is it called smackhead?

Arthur Motley

Smoky tea, an ashiness like a fire grate the morning after.
A little fruitiness, like black grapes. Some sweetness too and a herb character (almost basil, but not quite).
Lots of smoke, masking a fruitiness.
That Lapsang Souchong character is distinctive. Attractive youth, resolutely smoky but with a class. Lauren Bacall before the wrinkles.
Whisky Magazine Issue 55

Whisky Magazine Issue 55
Abraham Lincoln - Up in smoke - Scotch on the rocks - Kentucky visitors' guide - Deanston - Islay and Jura - The Whisky Shop.

Published April 2006.

Whisky Magazine Recommended

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