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Brands and Distilleries : Strathclyde

Issue 131 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 131

The Hebridean Archipelago, Dalmunach, Four Roses, New Orleans Bars



Strathclyde 37 Years Old
Single Grain - Scotland - 54.40%
7 It's in the twilight of its autumn, but has subtle complexity and less of the overt sweetness that old grains usually exhibit.

A giant culled
Gavin D Smithlooks at the recent loss of Dumbarton,a once vast grain distillery

November 2007, Issue 67, page 34

The Big Man
Gavin D. Smith looks at the fortunes of the Long John blend.

December 2011, Issue 100, page 40

Dewar's guardian
Caroline Dewar meets the latest in the line of Dewar's master blenders

April 2007, Issue 63, page 46

From the Editor
From the outset it was the intention of Whisky Magazine to embrace whiskies and whiskeys other than Scotch, and this issue sets the ball rolling with pieces by Tim Atkin, Giles Macdonagh and myself ab...

May 1999, Issue 3, page 5

Taking over returns
Ian Wisniewski meets the nextgeneration of Scottish blenders who,like their American counterparts already featured in this issue,are taking the industry into the future.

January 2008, Issue 69, page 26

Out of the shadows
Grain whisky is stepping into the spotlight after years of being undervalued. Ian Wisniewski finds out more

November 2006, Issue 60, page 56

Missed opportunities
Dave Broom on the demise and eventual death of Allied Domecq

September 2005, Issue 50, page 12

A family affair
Charles Maclean visits inverarity Vaults a family company which has already earnt quite a reputation for the quality of its whiskies

December 2000, Issue 13, page 48

Party time
Everyone likes a birthday party. All your friends come round, there's food, and, if you're a distillery, plenty of whisky. Glengyle Distillery celebrated its fifth birthday with a global launch and c...

July 2009, Issue 81, page 8

Dramatic Painting
Amanda Brock talks to one of Scotland's hottest artists and his malt connections.

April 2010, Issue 87, page 26

Northern exposure
Mrcin Miller explores Edinburgh's five star attraction that seeks to increase awareness of Scotlanad's whisky heritage

June 2001, Issue 16, page 32

Fragrant Harbour
Jonny McCormickon the war on fakes and a look at rare whisky in the East

July 2012, Issue 105, page 80

A Still Called Annie
The spirit starts to flow in Glasgow

September 2015, Issue 130, page 19

Don't go against the grain
Despite views to the contrary,grain whisky can be pretty sensational - and great value for money.

March 2006, Issue 54, page 50

A Region of Subtlety
Gavin D. Smith takes us through this often maligned producing region

January 2011, Issue 93, page 30

The quiet men
Dave Broom talks to Davied Stewart, the unassuming yet innovative force shaping the William Grant's portfolio, and long-term colleague, Whisky Records controller Eric Robertson

October 2002, Issue 26, page 44

Mixing it!
Does the art of blending vary with the size of the operation? Richard Jones talks to John Glaser of Compass Box and John Ramsay of The Famous Grouse

July 2005, Issue 49, page 30

Let Glasgow flourish
Glasgow has a long association with whisky. Robin Laing tells its story

July 2005, Issue 49, page 48

How to be nosey
Nosing is a complex and skillful business. Ian Wisniewski looks at what it takes to get to the top

July 2005, Issue 49, page 72

Give Grain a Chance
Ian Wisniewski asks how do different stages of the production process influence the character of grain whisky?

September 2011, Issue 98, page 24

Graining Momentum
Because blended grains make finer whisky

July 2015, Issue 129, page 42

The Lowland Distilleries
The comeback boys

March 2015, Issue 126, page 28

Subtle seducers
Gavin D Smith reveals the contribution grain has made to the Scotch whisky industry.

June 2000, Issue 10, page 36

Brewing up a storm
Gavin Smith tells the complex story of Scottish brewing and its inextricable links with distilling

February 2002, Issue 21, page 52

A special relationship
Michael Jackson takes a reflective look at Japan, Scotland and whisky

November 2001, Issue 19, page 24

Energy efficient
Dave Broom concludes his two part investigation into the impact of climate change on whisky production by examining how the industry is meeting the challenge.

November 2007, Issue 67, page 26

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The Art of Science
Dave Broom examines how Japan's distillers are taking their country's whiskies into the world.

January 1970, Issue 84, page 14

An alternative whisky map of the world...
Tom Bruce-Gardyne takes an irreverent look at the world's 15 largest whisky markets - plus the characters and caricatures you might find in each country. The world of whisky is full of exaggerated per...

July 2002, Issue 24, page 24

Berry's Own Selection Strathclyde 1988 27 Years Old
Whisky Shop Dufftown
Clan Denny Strathclyde 2005 9 Years Old
Whisky Shop Dufftown
Strathclyde 1987 27 Year Old Old Particular Single Whisky
The Whisky Exchange
Strathclyde 2001 13 Year Old Cask Strength Edition Single Whisky
The Whisky Exchange
Strathclyde 23 Year Old 1990 Cask 2790 Dimensions Duncan Taylor
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 24 Year Old 1989 Small Batch Wm Cadenhead 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 24 Year Old 1990 Cask 2777 Dimensions Duncan Taylor
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 24 Year Old 1990 Cask 647548 The Octave Duncan Taylor
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1987 Cask 10804 Old Particular Douglas La
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1988 Burns Malt
The Whisky Barrel
Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1988 Cask 10934 Old Particular Douglas La
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1988 Cask 62115 Pearls Of Scotland Gordon
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1988 Cask 62118 Berry Bros. & Rudd
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1988 Cask 62118 Berry Bros. & Rudd 3cl Sam
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 36 Year Old 1977 Cask 9912 The Sovereign Hunter Laing
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 40 Years Old 1974 Cask 10598 Xtra Old Particular Doug
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 9 Year Old 2005 Cask 10710 The Clan Denny Douglas Lai
Master of Malt
Strathclyde 9 Year Old 2005 Clan Denny
The Whisky Barrel

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