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Yamazaki 12 Years Old Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Yamazaki 12 Years Old

12 Years Old
Japanese Whisky ~ Single Malt
12 years old
Produced at
Yamazaki Distillery
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Michael Jackson

Flowery. Fresh herbs. Biscuity.
Lightly clean and sweet. Honeyed. Intense.
Burst of concentrated perfumy sweetness, balanced by cereal-grain notes and Japanese oak.
A pioneering malt in Japan, for which Suntory deserve great credit. In its early days, it was rounded and delicate, as though wary of offending anyone. Now it is more intense, confident and elegant.

Dave Broom

Clean and crisp: dried herb, oak, nuts and slightly dusty malt.
A sweet start, some light smoky notes. Well-rounded with a dense, fruity mid-palate, though a little firm on the sides of the mouth.
Rich Tea biscuits, dried fruit and nut.
Well made. An honest citizen.
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