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Whisky Index : Rest of World Whisky - Single Malt

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Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Rest of World Whisky - Single Malt

Single Malt - India - 40.00%
7 Quite an appetising nose but mid palate is faint and watery. Too quick a dilution?

Bakery Hill Classic
Single Malt - Australia - 60.00%
7 Unusual. Very tickly but water tames it and brings a fresh fruity flavours out.

Bakery Hill Peated
Single Malt - Australia - 61.00%
6 It seems to have retained all the back side of an animal farm. An attempt to replicate some long ago illicit still stuff?

Cadenhead's Lammerlaw 10 Years Old
Single Malt - New Zealand - 49.10%
7 This bottling is much more aggressive, and drying, than I remember. What happened to the soft maltiness and apricot fruitiness?

Cradle Mountain Double Malt
Single Malt - Australia - 46.00%
8 Plenty of flavours, but they need to be better combined and rounded.

Lammerlaw 12 Years Old, Peated Malt Finishing
Single Malt - New Zealand - 40.00%
7 The peat is so light that it is barely perceptible in the nose and palate, but it's dryness creates a contrast that lifts the sweeter notes.

Lammerlaw 12 Years Old, Special Finishing
Single Malt - New Zealand - 40.00%
6 I thought the earlier, younger bottling had more vigour.

Mackmyra Preludium 01
Single Malt - Sweden - 55.60%
7 Lowland-like, extremely pretty and characterful. Good by any standard, excellent given its youth. Welcome to the gang Mackmyra!

Mackmyra Preludium 02
Single Malt - Sweden - 54.20%
7 Another nipper. That tropical fruit will develop over time as everything settles down. Like Ballechin, this is one to watch.

Mackmyra Preludium 03
Single Malt - Sweden - 52.20%
5 A theme emerges...

Mackmyra Preludium 04
Single Malt - Sweden - 53.30%
6 If you want to build a new distillery you have to be willing to take the financial hit of waiting until the whisky is ready.

Mackmyra Preludium 05
Single Malt - Sweden - 48.40%
6 We're moving in the right direction here.

Mackmyra Reserve Swedish Oak Finish
Single Malt - Sweden - 58.50%
7 Another let-down. Lacking in coherence.

Mackmyra Single Cask Swedish Oak Finish
Single Malt - Sweden - 56.50%
7 It's not hard, it's not chemically, it doesn't have a bitter edge, or taste of glue, it is actually good!

Mackmyra Special:05 Happy Hunting
Single Malt - Sweden - 47.20%
7 It is of its style, which is one in its restraint and coolness is becoming increasingly potent. For me this just needs a little energy to lift it into excellence.

McDowell's Single Malt
Single Malt - India - 42.80%
6 Somewhat one-dimensional.

Milford 10 Years Old
Single Malt - New Zealand - 43.00%
7 Good flavour development.

Milford 10 Years Old
Single Malt - New Zealand - 43.00%
7 A good combination of fruit and oak. Wood is well integrated. Quite a moreish dram.

Milford 15 Years Old
Single Malt - New Zealand - 43.00%
7 Like a sweet chariot. Puddings on display...Keeps fresh and lively.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Penderyn Grand Slam
Single Malt - Wales - 46.00%
8 A well structured whisky. Oak frames the aromatic palette without overpowering. Quite a complex dram.

Penderyn Peated Limited Edition
Single Malt - Wales - 50.00%
7 A thin but palatable smoky whisky. Tells more on the palate than on the nose. For a rainy afternoon with blue cheese and toasted bread.

Penderyn Welsh Whisky
Single Malt - Wales - 46.00%
7 The process is unusual, and so are the resultant flavours, but this is a very drinkable whisky in its own right. I was a sceptic, but no longer.

Penderyn WRU 125th Anniversary Limited
Single Malt - Wales - 50.00%
7 The oaky start leads way to a cheerful fruity and floral profile. Marked by the sherry but not on the dark (woody) side. Avoid water.

Sullivans Cove Bourbon Maturation
Single Malt - Australia - 60.00%
6 The overriding impression is of young whiskies released too soon.

Sullivans Cove Double Cask Bourbon & Port Oak
Single Malt - Australia - 40.00%


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