Alexandrion Group opens second Romanian distillery

Alexandrion Group opens second Romanian distillery

The new distillery will focus on the production of single malt whisky, following the launch of the group's Carpathian single malt in 2022

13 February 2023

Alexandrion Group, the producer of Carpathian single malt whisky, has announced the opening of its second distillery.

The new facility, which has been five years in the making, is located on the same site as the wine and spirits producer and distributor's original distillery near the town of Ploiesti and will focus primarily on the production of single malt whisky.

It follows Alexandrion Group's launch of the Carpathian whisky range in 2022 – the first single malt whisky to be produced entirely in Romania.

"The success of an alcoholic beverage depends on three key factors: ingredients of highest quality, the experience and knowledge of the team that produces it, and the high-performance technology. We have all these at the Alexandrion Saber 1789 Distilleries," said Alexandrion Group founding president Dr Nawaf Salameh.

Dr Nawaf Salameh at the new Alexandrion Group distillery

"Alexandrion Group is rapidly expanding and this great progress generates the need to increase the production capacity for the flagship brands in our portfolio, which are required in ever greater quantities, both in Romania and abroad. We need state of the art distilleries that allow us to meet the demand and, at the same time, to maintain the exceptionally high quality of our beverages."

Dr Salameh added that two more Alexandrion Group distilleries are currently under construction, in the USA and Greece.

To date, the Carpathian single malt range has focused on showcasing a variety of European wine cask finishes, from Romanian Feteasca Neagra and Italian Chianti to Cognac and Cypriot Commandaria. Production is overseen by whisky director and master distiller Allan Anderson.

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