Diageo Irish whiskey brand Roe & Co launches Cask Strength 2021 Edition

Diageo Irish whiskey brand Roe & Co launches Cask Strength 2021 Edition

The 13-year-old single grain is finished with alligator-char new oak

09 November 2021

Third in a series of cask-strength whiskeys released by Roe & Co, this single-grain expression follows the core ‘106’ blend of 2019 and a single malt from 2020.

The grain whiskey in Roe & Co’s Cask Strength 2021 is matured for 13 years before being finished in ‘alligator-char’ new oak casks. These have been heat-treated to such an extent that the wood resembles the skin of an alligator in appearance and texture.

This process results in a high level of caramelisation, and, according to the distillery, notes of smoky vanilla pods, wood spice and toffee sweetness on the nose, along with Jamaican gingerbread, panna cotta and white pepper on the palate.
Roe & Co Cask Strength 2021 Edition with packaging

Lora Hemy, head distiller at Roe & Co Irish Whiskey, said, “What makes Cask Strength so interesting is the raw DNA of the whiskey. When you taste this blend, it is as if you’re sampling it straight from the cask, undiluted, so you can add as much or as little water of your own to find your flavour preference and taste…”

George Harper, Roe & Co’s master blender, added, “...Different malts and grains all bring their own unique flavour characteristics – as such, [they] have their own positives and make up important building blocks to a blend. The carefully selected single grain casks we use are picked for their exceptional flavour and style. With this release, we want to highlight and showcase the grain...backbone [of] our 106 blend.”

Diageo founded Roe & Co distillery in 2019, with the aim of making Irish whiskey more prominent in cocktail culture across the globe. The brand is named in honour of George Roe, the once world-famous 19th-century Irish whiskey maker. His distillery, George Roe & Co, extended over 17 acres on Thomas Street in Dublin, and was Ireland's largest distillery at its peak.

Roe & Co Cask Strength 2021 is priced at €74 per bottle and available for shipment across the Republic of Ireland and Northen Ireland. The whiskey was recently awarded Gold in the drinks business and The Spirits Business’ Autumn Tasting 2021.

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