English Whisky Guild founded by 15 of the nation's distilleries

English Whisky Guild founded by 15 of the nation's distilleries

The distilleries have collaborated thanks to the outpouring of support for English whisky

18 May 2022

As demand increases for English whiskies by consumers, a variety of distilleries in the country have collaborated to form the English Whisky Guild (EWG), with aims to showcase and protect the quality and diversity now rife within the English whisky industry.

The guild claims that the volume of spirit produced in England is expected to grow 189% by 2023 from its 2019 numbers, with a predicted increase of 418% in the number of bottles sold between the same time period.

It’s alleged that there are now 40 whisky distilleries across England, from the south-west to the north-east, at varying stages of development. Currently composed of 15 founding members, the EWG’s first step in their formation has been to submit a Geograophical Indicator (GI) to DEFRA. The GI legaly defines English whisky to ensure consistent, understandable standards for all current and prospective distillers of all sizes.

The 15 founding members are as followed:
• Ad Gefrin
• Adnams Southwold
• Bimber Distillery
• Cooper King Distillery
• Cooper Rivet Distillery
• Cotswolds Distillery
• East London Liquor Co.
• Henstone Distillery
• Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery
• The English Whisky Co.
• The Lakes Distillery
• The Oxford Artisan Distillery
• Wharf Distillery
• White Peak Distillery
• Whittaker’s Distillery

EWG’s inaugural Chairman Andrew Nelstrop (of the English Whisky Company) commented on the formation: “English whisky is synonymous with independence, innovation and creativity. The formation of the Guild and the submission of the GI application supports these shared values whilst also establishing production standards that ensure that any whisky labelled as ‘English’ is of the highest quality. It also marks a significant step in the long-term development and promotion of English whisky. We would welcome other English distilleries joining us at this exciting time.”

Abbie Neilson, Co-Founder, Cooper King Distillery added: “Despite our 19th century roots and nearly 100 years of production silence, the story of English whisky has only just begun. English whisky is witnessing unprecedented growth, with a tsunami of drinkers across the world discovering and experiencing spirit produced with incredible flavour diversity and to the highest standards.”

Many whisky producing companies have formed bodies to champion their nation’s spirits, including the introduction of regulations to govern every aspect of the whisky-making process. By many, it’s considered a necessity, especially to ensure safeguarding and high standards, with the needs of consumers at the forefront.

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