Roe & Co announces first edition of Solera Single Malt

Roe & Co announces first edition of Solera Single Malt

The Dublin distillery has released Roe & Co Solera Single Malt Whiskey, created with a fractional finishing process

News | 23 Feb 2024

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Roe & Co Irish Whiskey has announced its latest expression, Roe & Co Solera Single Malt. The release uses the solera method of fractional finishing of liquid across various ages and cask types, marking the first time the distillery has used the process.


The production method behind the Solera Single Malt is complex. The whisky is finished in one layer, or criadera, of the solera system before cascading a portion through to the next criadera, using a different cask type for each criadera. The cask types used are diverse: first fill and refill American oak ex-bourbon barrels, newly alligator charred American oak, chestnut with two custom toasting profiles, and four types of sherry casks. 


The lowest criaderas are bottled at the end of the process, expressing the liquid which has received influence from the most casks through the system. As liquid is drawn, the top layer is replenished with whisky, keeping the solera system in constant revolution. 


Speaking on the outcome of the solera process, Lora Hemy, Roe & Co’s head distiller, commented: “The result is a whisky packed full of flavour and quite unlike anything else we have seen in Irish whiskey. There is a lot more body to this than most triple distilled whisky releases – that is quite deliberate, as we took inspiration from winemaking to add texture.


“Using four different types of casks but multiple iterations, we get a complex and exciting whisky to enjoy. The American bourbon barrels give notes of sweetness and toffee, the alligator char gives the liquid toasted and roasted notes. The chestnut casks give us something nuttier and spicier, they act almost like citrus in a mixed drink to focus the palate. The sherry casks at the end bring everything together with rich fruit and more texture.”

Head distiller Lora Hemy with the Roe & Co Solera Single Malt

Roe & Co Irish Whiskey opened in 2019 with Hemy at the helm, and aims to reimagine Irish whiskey. Through the Solera Single Malt, which uses some of the first casks ever produced at Roe & Co, the distillery is looking toward both the past and future.


Reflecting on this, Hemy added: “As the solera process is a constant filling and refilling, the process offers an ever-evolving flavour profile, but with remnants of the first ever cask distilled at our distillery remaining ever-present in solera editions long into the future. The idea that we have this evolving story and that the hands of everybody that's ever worked here will be part of every single bottle, is incredible.”

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