Singleton introduces new 39 Years Old

Singleton introduces new 39 Years Old

The expression is part of the Epicurean Odyssey range

28 November 2021

From The Singleton of Glen Ord Distillery comes a new 39-year-old expression created by ‘master of malt’ Maureen Robinson, which has undergone the brand’s longest secondary maturation to date.

27 years ago, Robinson took a Singleton which had aged for 12 years and rehoused it in European oak casks which had previously held port, red wine and a blend of Pedro Ximénez and oloroso sherries. At the end of the secondary maturation period, these liquids were married in Bordeaux wine casks.

The distillery describes the whisky as possessing vinous, fruity and spicy notes from blackberry and clove to salted plum.

Robinson said, “This whisky marries my work in Scotland and my own personal experiences of flavour recollections through vivid memories of visiting family-owned wine estates in France where I travelled years ago. I was adventurous in my approach over the years with this whisky, drawing on memories of tasting the ripened grapes fresh off the vines, and newly uncorked wine around a table with my friends…”

Upon tasting this expression, Charles MacLean pronounced it “a delicious and complex expression of Glen Ord, still lively and easy to enjoy, which also rewards contemplation. A perfect digestif with espresso coffee and dark chocolate.”

To celebrate the launch of The Singleton 39 Years Old, accompanying gastronomic experiences will take place around the world from early 2022 – booking information to come.

1,695 bottles of The Singleton 39 (46.2% ABV, RRP £2,295) will be available globally from selected retailers and

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