The Glenturret celebrates a new chapter

The Glenturret celebrates a new chapter

Scotland’s oldest working distillery celebrates its 250-year-old history with a new range

21 September 2020

This September, Crieff’s Glenturret Distillery is celebrating its 250th birthday with a range launch. The new offerings are being presented with a fresh visual identity, designed to honour the provenance of the distillery with its traditional processes and passion for enriching whisky making.

The new range, created by whisky maker Bob Dalgarno, is made up of four core expressions: Triple Wood, 10 Years Old Peat Smoked, 12 Years Old and 15 Years Old, alongside a limited release of 25 and 30 Years Old.

Each of the expressions within the range will be available in newly-designed bottle, a rectangular and broad bottle with delicately crafted detail, fit for a brand with such a lengthy history.

“I saw Glenturret as a great opportunity to work alongside an understated yet highly skilled team who influence the creation of the distillery new make spirit as only their hands can”, comments Dalgarno. ‘’Alongside this was the challenge of creating a new range of whiskies with a different cask and character profile. Building on previous experiences and having the freedom to influence and develop, respecting the history whilst writing new chapters, was a perfect fit”.

“Having Bob on board is a recognition of the scale of our ambition and a testament to our transformative work over the past eight months’’ adds Ian Renwick, distillery manager at The Glenturret. ‘’Throughout the process, from distillation through to maturation, we have been working closely together every day with Bob and our team. We cannot wait to share the new expressions with the world.”

‘’We produce small batches of the finest single malt by hand and heart,” comments John Laurie, managing director at The Glenturret. “Our dedication to very slow distillation in our hand-beaten copper stills reflects the time-honoured skills of our forefathers and the physical limits of a small traditional distillery. There is no automation, no big volumes, only simple distilling tasks completed by hand in their own good time’’.

The new Glenturret range will be available at select hotels, restaurants, bars and retailers across several markets including the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, China and Taiwan and online at from 17th September 2020.

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