Torabhaig launches Allt Gleann Batch Strength

Torabhaig launches Allt Gleann Batch Strength

It will be the last Allt Gleann release as the Hebridean distillery moves into the next stage of its whisky journey

18 September 2023

Torabhaig Distillery on the Isle of Skye has announced a limited-edition of its Allt Gleann single malt whisky.


The Allt Gleann Batch Strength was selected from a parcel of casks that were set aside during Torabhaig's early, more experimental production phase. It will be the final release in the first chapter of the Torabhaig Legacy Series, which has charted the first years of production at the Hebridean distillery. 


Like the original Allt Gleann, the batch strength release demonstrates the “well-tempered peat” which Torabhaig says is at the heart of its fragrant spirit character. 


Torabhaig whiskymaker Neil Macleod Mathieson said: “Torabhaig Allt Gleann Batch Strength is our way of bidding a fond farewell to Allt Gleann and closing out this chapter of Torabhaig’s journey to 10-year-old. This is the last time we’ll get to see this specific style of Torabhaig, so we set aside a few hundred casks of this expression distilled during the experimental phases of 2017 and 2018 to release at its natural strength. 


“As with Allt Gleann, we’re transparent on the bottle about everything, from the variety of barley to the type of yeast to residual ppm – and not just in grain ppm. We want to take whisky lovers on this journey of experimentation with us and are confident about sharing our findings about flavour as we’re building this liquid legacy.”


Torabhaig Distillery, owned by Mossburn, began production in January 2017 as the second whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye (alongside the world-famous Talisker). The Allt Gleann whiskies took their name from a natural spring, one of the water sources that feeds Torabhaig Distillery. 


Torabhaig Allt Gleann Batch Strength is on sale with select retailers globally, priced at £75/85€/US$89.99.

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