Whisky Books Galore

Whisky Books Galore

We highlight some of the best whisky books for your shelves

Whisky & Culture | 25 Apr 2014 | Issue 119 | By Rupert Wheeler

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This month we highlight four of the very best whisky books. We have also carefully selected another 16 whisky related books which offer a broad appeal to connoisseurs and beginners alike, which you can find at www.whiskymag.com/books. On publication of each issue we intend to select a book of the month and also carry a short author interview. Whisky Magazine bookclub offers all books at 20% discount plus postage and packing and if your order is over £30 you will receive a FREE copy of the Whisky Tasting Journal, the best place to create and archive your tasting notes, while stocks last and worth £7.95.\r\n\r\n
\r\nLet Me Tell You About Whisky
\r\nNeil Ridley & Gavin D. Smith
\r\nISBN 9781862059658
\r\nBookclub offer: £13 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £16.99)\r\n\r\nThere have been a lot of primer books about whisky in recent years, but not one with such detailed and all encompassing scope. The book assumes that the reader has no prior whisky knowledge and clearly explains the processes that go in to making whisky. In the opening sections, and using some lovely illustrations, the writers take the story of how whisky began and demystify some of the common myths about whisky. The writers also offer practical advice, useful when faced with a daunting shop full of malts and blends.\r\n\r\n
\r\nThe Science and Commerce of Whisky
\r\nIan Buxton & Paul S Hughes
\r\nISBN 9781849731508
\r\nBookclub offer: £25 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £27.99)\r\n\r\nThis book is written by two acknowledged authorities in the area and fills a significant gap. It provides a uniquely authoritative overview of a developing and dynamic sector reflecting best current practice combined with a historical prespective, production expertise and insightful, expert market and marketing commentary. The style is readable and accessible and will appeal to undergraduates on relevant courses.
\r\n \r\n\r\nShackleton’s Whisky
\r\nNeville Peat
\r\nISBN 9781848093904
\r\nBookclub offer: £13 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £16.99)\r\n\r\nThe Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton is best known for his heroic expeditions and very rarely consumed alcohol having been brought up in a teetotal home. However on his expedition to the Antarctica in 1907 he took with him 25 cases of whisky and in 2010 three cases of the whisky were recovered under his hut at Cape Royds. Three bottles were returned to Whyte and Mackay where they were sent for sampling, analysis and near replication. This is their story.
\r\n \r\n\r\nWhisky: The Manual
\r\nDave Broom
\r\nISBN 9781845337551
\r\nBookclub offer: £12 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: 14.99)\r\n\r\nDave Broom is an award winning author and has been writing about whisky for over 25 years. This book is about how to drink whisky in all its forms. Not just malts but blends from all over the world. It’s about whisky enjoyed with water, green tea and many other things besides. It’s about light aperitif whiskies, about whiskies with sherried depths and with fruity spice. Above all its about enjoying your whisky in ways you never thought possible.\r\n
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