Woodford Reserve launches latest expression in master’s collection series

Woodford Reserve launches latest expression in master’s collection series

The 2022 expression is titled Woodford Reserve Batch Proof...

13 July 2022

Woodford Reserve has launched its annual limited-edition expression – Woodford Reserve Batch Proof.

The expression is part of the annual master’s collection series, said to celebrate the craftsmanship of Master Distiller Chris Morris and Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall.

According to Woodford Reserve, the same grain bill and process has been used to craft this expression as it did the Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight bourbon.

With a proof of 118.4 (59.2% ABV), the flavours have been described by the producer as taking Woodford’s trademark flavour range of sweet vanilla and toasted oak to the next level.

The bottle is now available in select U.S. and global markets for an RRP of $129.99, as well as on sale at Woodford Reserve distillery from this week.

On the release, Morris commented: “Barrels drawn from the first floors of our heat-cycled warehouses routinely possess lower proof presentations due the more relaxed angel share process found there. This batch had more of these barrels in its composition, and therefore a lower batch proof presentation than past releases.”

Woodford released its Winter masters collection expression at the back end of last year – named Five-malt Stouted Mash – which was described as something totally unique to the rest of the distillery’s portfolio.

More information on the latest release in the master’s collection series, as well as previous expressions, can be found through the Woodford Reserve website.

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