Icons of Whisky

The Icons of Whisky awards are a momentous celebration of the passion and dedication invested in each bottle of whisky. From the talented distillers and brand ambassadors to the skilled visitor centre managers, exceptional bartenders, and industry communicators, every individual involved contributes their craftsmanship, knowledge, and expertise throughout the whisky-making journey.


Our aim is to express our gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering commitment of these individuals and producers. Their relentless pursuit of innovation, unparalleled visitor experiences, and outstanding retail services deserves recognition. The Icons of Whiskey Awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and honour their tireless efforts and remarkable achievements.


By opening the entries and introducing our user-friendly online system, we aspire to encourage broader participation and provide a streamlined experience for all applicants. We eagerly anticipate receiving submissions and showcasing the exceptional contributions made by the whisky community. Together, let us celebrate the icons and the legacy they create in the world of whiskies.

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