Highland Park

Highland Park

Dragon Legend

ABV 43.1%

Amazing nose, but didn't come through on the palate.

Mark Newton


Edrington Group

Highland Park


Dragon Legend


Single Malt


No age statement

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Islands (Non Islay)


Standard (Distillery or blended)

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Tasting Notes

Mark Newton


Nose: Beguiling funkiness, slightly nutty. Dried fruits are on display, apricots, sultanas, nothing heady – its quite fresh and elegant. Silky honey and buttered tablet notes. Captivating...

Palate: Not much of that comes through. Slighlty mealy, peaty quality, burnt toast, everything else is mild – honey, traces of sultana and green tomatoes.

Finish: Short, silky, but uninspired. Everything fades leaving a little fresh fruit.

Comment: Amazing nose, but didn't come through on the palate.

Score: 7.2

Rob Allanson


Nose: Salty, floral and minerally, like a mix of seaweed and sea pinks. Fresh white fish then it moves to more prawns with chili and salt. There’s deep earthy bracken and heather.

Palate: Follows the nose with that salty and minerally quality. A gentle peat hit with burnt brown sugar. Tropical fruits, mango and griddled pineapple, lurk underneath.

Finish: All the peat gathers, ushered in by tropical fruit, then dries with gorgeous smoke.

Comment: Reminiscent of eating grilled mango in a fishing harbour. An excellent drop.

Score: 8.9

Overall Score

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