Shelter Point

Shelter Point

Artisanal Cask Strength Whisky

ABV 57.2%

Packs a serious punch. Once the alcohol is backed a way reveals a stunner.

Rob Allanson


Shelter Point


Artisanal Cask Strength Whisky


Single Malt


No age statement

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Tasting Notes

Rob Allanson


Nose: Really grainy, boiled sweetcorn cobs, malt loaf and full fat butter. The sweetness of honey nut cornflakes and almond milk. A tinge of oak aged Chardonnay that moves into unsmoked bacon.

Palate: Alcohol hits home first, which water takes the edge off, opening up the tannins and that grainy note. Barley sugar sweetness. Orange melon flesh and really quite fruity.

Finish: Long and sweet. Sweet and fruity with orange sherbet.

Comment: Packs a serious punch. Once the alcohol is backed a way reveals a stunner.

Score: 8.2

Sam Coyne


Nose: There’s a load of cooking going on; baking bread, cheese boards, a smattering of dustiness, a croissant or two. There’s a smoky fattiness as well.

Palate: Hot – toasted oak, but dial it down with some water and there’s a quality of raisins, sultanas and bits of orange peel, balancing sweetness and bitterness.

Finish: Long finish, lighter than the body and nose suggested.

Comment: Taken with water, this is a delicate surprise with light touches, without water it’s also a surprise with hefty punches.

Score: 7.8

Overall Score

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