Sullivans Cove

Sullivans Cove

Winter Feast Special Edition

ABV 47.1%

More proof that there is some awesome whisky to be discovered in Australia.

Rob Allanson


Sullivans Cove


Winter Feast Special Edition


Single Malt


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Rob Allanson


Nose: Cherry wood and cedar, like opening an old violin case – a little musty, woody, sweet bow rosin, and a mineral note like steel. Vanilla fudge and a little leather.

Palate: Lovely sweetness of honeycomb, milk chocolate. Dried tropical fruits – papaya and mango. Dark chocolate coated cherries. Hints of dried chilli flakes.

Finish: That chilli hit continues to rise. It leaves a lovely prickle on the palate as it dries.

Comment: More proof that there is some awesome whisky to be discovered in Australia.

Score: 9

Sam Coyne


Nose: This is awesome. Salted caramel, into green apples and stewed pears. To style it out, there's freshly cooked pastries.

Palate: Palate: More of the apple note from the nose, which is again clear and bright. Takes a step back and shows an earthy, malted cereal note. Reveals a few custard cream biscuits.

Finish: Short, a touch fleeting. Vegetable notes – where did they come from? Coriander completes a herbal finish.

Comment: Everything is well balanced, but maybe doesn't quite live up to that start.

Score: 7.9

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